Our team at Cognitive Connections provides the ADOS-2, which is a semi-structured test administered to confirm, or rule out, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Below are the simple steps in our process.

Our Simple Process:

Before Your Appointment

The first step in the process is to simply reach out to one of our clinicians. You can call or email to speak with us.

You will then be asked to complete our consultation request form which is provided below. This form will provide us with some general demographic and insurance information. We will then verify your insurance and call you to schedule your appointment.

During Your Appointment

The ADOS assessment allows for direct observation of behavior and social interact by using various play and social activities. The appointment will last approximately 90 minutes, which allows time for paperwork, answering questions, and the assessment. The ADOS assessment itself will last between 40-60 minutes. Depending on the age and language development of the child, the parent could be requested to stay in the room during the assessment.

After Your Appointment

The clinician will score and interpret the results, write a report, and set up a time to review the results with you within 5-7 business days. At this time, the clinician will also be happy to answer any further questions you have regarding the assessment or next steps.

Our Mission and Values

Navigating all the steps in the autism diagnostic process can be completed, but we are here to help! Cognitive Connections is excited to bring some light to this often complex and overwhelming process. Our clinicians go through intensive training and base our services and treatment options on sound, evidenced based research. Our core values include:

  • Provide high quality services for all individuals
  • Respect the individual and family
  • Use collaborative efforts to meet the individual and family needs
  • Make decisions empirically on all levels
Autism diagnosis